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Preparing to sell your home can be stressful, but it can also be fun and freeing. There are a number of artistic factors to incorporate, and some find the staging process a great way to be creative, try something new, and come to terms with the decision to sell. Staging a home properly is an art; the following are a few of the most effective tips for making a home appealing to buyers:

  • Choose the right paint. Wall colors can make a big difference on the aesthetics of a home. For example, painting two adjacent rooms the same color will make the space feel larger, and painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls will make the room feel more open. Darker colors can make a room feel more vibrant and more intimate, and may be ideal for a bedroom or dining room. If you are unsure of the atmosphere you want to present, choose warm, neutral colors that will appeal to everyone.


  • Declutter. Make your home seem larger and more spacious by removing unnecessary furniture. Take pictures off the wall, put children's toys away, and get rid of bulky or unsightly items like filing cabinets. Consider renting a storage unit if you don’t have space for your excess belongings. If you are still living at home, decide what furniture you could do without for a few months and take it away.


  • Depersonalize. While people like displaying family photos and memorabilia, this is a bad strategy when preparing to sell. When showing your home, you want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in it. Pictures make this more difficult. Keep your home as generically well decorated as possible so people of all tastes will find it appealing.


  • Do yard work. Your lawn doesn't have to look as perfectly manicured as the grounds of a country club, but it should be trimmed and maintained. Add new pine straw and mulch around your trees, plant new flowers in your gardens, and cut any overhanging branches away from the home. 


  • Clean. Don't just wash the windows; vacuum the floors like you would for company, and give your home a thorough scouring. Bathtubs, shower doors, the tops of bookshelves, and even lampshades need to be washed, dusted, and scrubbed in preparation for showing the home. In the same way a job seeker will wear his finest suit to an interview, your home must be in its best condition to impress potential buyers.

To talk with a realtor or property manager at CB Alliance Group Realty about more ways to stage your home, contact us today!

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