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Preparing Your Home for the Rental Market

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With the housing market still suffering from the crisis of recent years, many homeowners are looking for ways to make money off their second home, or to rent out their primary home while they spend time in another location. Many property owners rent their vacation homes when they are not using them as a way to get a positive return on their investment. If you have a second home in Jacksonville, NC or are planning on taking a long trip, consider renting it out. The following are a few tips for getting your home ready to rent:


  • Ensure all utilities and insurance are paid for. Before you leave the home, pay all utility bills and confirm the home is insured. Ask your insurance company if there are any new packages or policies for landlords, and make sure both you and your tenants are financially secure in the case of any home damage or other difficulty.


  • Check all appliances and plumbing. Whatever appliances are left in the home for the tenants to use need to be safe, clean, and functional. Inspect all appliances to guarantee there is no potential for water or electrical damage during your absence. Similarly, check that there are no stoppages or drainage problems in the toilet, shower, and faucets, and be sure the HVAC unit is working properly. Summers in Jacksonville, NC can get hot, and you don't want to leave your tenants suffering with a broken air conditioner.


  • Inspect the home for damage. Both the inside and the outside of the home should be thoroughly inspected before renting it to tenants. Roof damage, split or cracked siding, and deteriorated weather stripping are common exterior problems that must be addressed and repaired before renting. Indoors, renovations can include painting over dents or scratches in walls, replacing burnt-out light bulbs, repairing light fixtures, and fixing broken electrical sockets.


  • Clean the home. Dust, touch up paint, vacuum, and generally prepare the home for guests. Pick up toys and clean out closets, keeping in mind tenants will be living in and using every room of your house.


  • Redirect mail and newspaper service as necessary. While you are away from home, leave a forwarding address at the post office and cancel your newspaper delivery to ensure tenants don't receive your mail, newspapers, or magazine subscriptions.


To find out more about renting a home, contact Coldwell Banker Alliance Group Realty in Jacksonville, NC.

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